About Us

Find out why we created such a powerful platform for realtors

Our Story

Well for us, we had a mission and goal to provide the absolute best platform and an equal opportunity to new real estate agents as well as advanced that wanted to sustainably grow their business at scale without wasting money, time or effort.

We had a true love for the real estate industry which led us down the path of collaborating and communicating with the top players in the industry, engaging with one another and providing our clients with everything they need to start and scale their business in the simplest way without leaving the platform. It expanded as we integrated and automated, built done for you systems, created templates, and developed our community beyond our wildest dreams. We experienced firsthand how much more we can accomplish when we really, truly work together and listen to feedback of our awesome clients. We experienced how deeply empowering it is to build our own done for you system with customizable building blocks. It is through this journey that the scale solutions team was born. It is in these moments that the magic happens. And it is so exciting to know that as we continue on our mission together, we’re only getting started...

Why This Platform?

Unlike every other platform that sucks up all your time, money and energy doing it yourself, our platform is designed for realtors by realtors, meaning that everything is already done and created for you at the highest level, out the box and ready to start using for instant results.

Amazing! This is the most incredible system i've ever used, so easy and quick to set up, BTW I know I said I was going to refer agents, but kinda want this to be my unique advantage

- Fady Malik

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